DJ Fenton Gee gets the Crystyled treatment!

Posted in Celebrities, News on December 20th, 2010 by natalie

DJ Fenton Gee got in touch with us here at Crystyled with a custom request for us to Crystyle his headphones. He wanted them super bling so opted for clear crystals with his name on the headband in Capri Blue and Black Diamond. We put his initials ‘F’ and ‘G’ on the ear cups and as the pair of headphones were ADIDAS by Sennheiser, we Crystyled over the 3 stripes in matching Capri Blue. They looked amazing! Here are the photos of them being used in action to prove it!


DJ FENTON GEE is Currently coaching Celebrities how to DJ, with a fast growing cliental that includes Big Brother Twins “Samanda”, Bianca Gascoigne, Su-Elise (Misteeq), Dan O’Connor (Ned-Neighbours), Naomi Millbank-Smith (Model/Presenter), Gary Lucy (Footballers Wives), A Selection of FHM/ZOO/NUTS Models & other Soap stars, TV Personalities, & Celebrity Faces, with UK tours lined up for this year.

These are the pics of the completed pair we created for him!!!




See Fenton DJ at some of the most exclusive clubs and parties in the U.K, which include OK Mag, Danielle Lloyds engagement Party, Lizzie Cundy’s Wedding, with plenty more to come in 2010.


DJ Fenton Gee rocking his new Crystyled custom bling headphones!

For more information about Fenton Gee and his upcoming gigs please visit him at the following:
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